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We manufacture and supply spare parts for turbine generators. ... for more than 20 years.

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Tealink Ltd. is a world known manufacturer and supplier of spare parts for turbine and hydraulic generators produced by Electrosila ("Электросила") plant. Starting from 1996, our company has been supplying power equipment and spare parts worldwide.

All supplied equipment is manufactured in accordance with the technical requirements and drawings of the generator manufacturer. All the manufactured spare parts are covered by our warranty.

If required, Tealink Ltd. will provide on-site supervised installation and supervision support, including further spare parts and component supply and replacement.

We guarantee the highest quality and reliable operation of the supplied equipment.
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You can use our online search to find spare parts for generators by a drawing number or a part description. Then, you can make your request online listing required spare parts or service you may need. Our specialists will process your request within the shortest period of time and get back to you with the proposal or contact you for further details.

Initially we will agree the requested spare part drawings with you. If you don't know the drawing numbers or unsure about them, our specialists will help to indenitfy them based on spare part description and generator type.

Placing an online order is easy: it is the easiest way to contact us even you don't have the full specification of the spare parts you need.
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